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How to face paint Spiderman : Step by step guide

Spiderman Face Painting - Level : Moderate

spiderman face painting guide

How to face paint Spiderman: Kids Face Painting Design

Step one:

Apply the red paint base using s sponge, keep this application light. Use sweeping motions around the contours of the face to help the paint on smoothly. Leave empty patches around the eyes ready for your white paint.

Step two:

Apply the white paint covering the eye area and creating a oval shape around the eyes, check that your shapes are symmetrical. Notice I have experimented a little with the white shapes if you compare the design drawing to the photo.

Step Three:

Use a medium or fine brush sizes 2-5 to apply the outlines with black paint around the eye patches and to add the spider web lines.

Step four:

Add a spider to the forehead with black paint using a brush.

Add glitter

boy face painted as Spiderman with red & gold, specailly face painted for a fancy dress kids party in Stroud, Gloucestershire. girl face painted as a blue spiderman at a BBQ / Garden Birthday party in Chedworth, the Cotswolds. Spiderman Face Painting

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